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Technology Agnostic

Switching providers doesn’t mean you need to discard all your previous cybersecurity investments. Our tech-agnostic analytics approach and service delivery model are highly flexible and can be easily adapted to meet your complex needs.


Rather than competing with other providers, SentryMark focuses on developing and implementing innovative solutions that enhance your existing security capabilities and investments while reducing your costly tech licenses, staffing, and integration complexities.


These days, a siloed approach might leave you exposed to increased risk. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, our comprehensive and correlated managed environment helps you detect and mitigate emerging threats with maximum efficiency.

Our Services

Informed decisions about the future start with unique insights into your current performance.

The first step to optimizing your cybersecurity is identifying any existing gaps or weaknesses in your current coverage. To do this, our multi-disciplined team of veteran analysts creates dynamic breach risk scoring reports. Our methodologies incorporate best-in-class strategic risk management principles designed for leading organizations from the Pentagon to Wall Street.

  • Breach Risk Scoring
  • Continuous Red Team Monitoring
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessments

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We use AI and machine learning to detect threats before they have a chance to disrupt operations.

Cybercriminals and other threat actors are continually updating and improving their capabilities. SentryMark leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep pace. This data-driven approach provides real-time insights into potential threats, allowing us to take proactive steps to defend your network while making it easier to prioritize the highest risks. In addition to speedy detection and remediation, our process also greatly reduces the likelihood of false positives.

  • Military-Grade Platform
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 24x7 Security Specialist
  • Hybrid or Dedicated Models

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Don’t let unforeseen security breaches derail your operations and negatively impact your bottom line.

Even with industry-leading monitoring and robust defense, security breaches are an unfortunate reality of 21st-century business. Fortunately, with the right measures in place, these compromised security protocols don’t need to result in lingering complications and negative long-term impacts. At SentryMark, we utilize a combination of software, experienced field experts, and best-in-class methodologies to identify, prioritize and respond to security breaches in a way that contains damages and limits financial losses.

  • Incident Response Planning and Table Top Exercise
  • Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Data Recovery
  • Ransomware Negotiations

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ConcealBrowse, powered by the ConcealSherpaAI engine, identifies potentially harmful webpages autonomously, stopping cyber attacks that take advantage of weaponized links.

Conceal’s AI-powered capabilities seamlessly identify emerging threats and proactively neutralize them, ensuring comprehensive protection in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.  ConcealBrowse is a light weight browser extension that converts any browser to a secure, zero-trust browser, catching malware and credential theft attacks that bypass other security controls.

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